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Citroen C4 Thule roof racks, boxes, kayak, bike and ski carriers from Car Roof Racks Norfolk

Citroen C4

The good-looking C4 is very comfortable and great for longer journeys. Compatable with Thule's range of roof racks and bars, a variety of topboxes, cycle & kayak or ski carriers.

Please find below links to Thule Roofracks, Bike Carriers, Water Sports Carriers, Roof Boxes, Ski Carriers and Accessories for your Citroen C4.
Thule Roofracks for the Citroen C4 from Car Roof Racks Norfolk
Thule supply 2 models of Roofrack for the Citroen C4, Standard bars and the more stylish and aerodynamic Aero bars. Able to take a range of Thule roof boxes, cycle or kayak and also ski carriers. Click Here to visit the roof rack selector to find your model of C4 and the roof rack to fit!
Roofrack and Rear Mounted Thule Bike Carriers for Citroen C4 cars from Car Roofracks Norfolk
Thule Bike Carriers for the Citroen C4. Both roof rack and tow ball mounted bike carriers are available. You can find the correct rear mounted cycle carrier using our cycle carrier selector.
Citroen C4 Thule Water Sports Carriers From Car Roofracks Norfolk
Thule Roof Boxes to fit the Citroen C4 From Car Roofracks Norfolk
Citroen C4 Thule Ski Cariers From Car Roofracks Norfolk
Thule Accessories for Citroen C4 Cars From Car Roofracks Norfolk
To view Thule Roof Racks and Equipment for other Citroen models click here.


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