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Roof mounted cycle carriers allow you to mount your bikes individually. How many bikes you can carry on your roof is dependant on how wide and the type of roof bars you have. These roof mounted carriers can be used with Thule Square Bars or can be used in the T-Track slot on Thule Aero and Wing Bars (adaptors may be required please ask for details).

If you are unsure on which bike carrier will best suit you roofrack please contact us and we will be happy to help.
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Thule ProRide 598

A stylish and functional bike carrier, suitable for all types and sizes of bike. This carrier uses a tray and arm system to mount bikes quickly and securely in place.

Thule OutRide 561 Cycle Carrier

Thule OutRide 561

An easy to use premium bike carrier recommended by Thule for use with specialist frames such as carbon fibre. Remove front wheel for mounting.

Thule FreeRide 530 Cycle Carrier

Thule FreeRide 532

The FreeRide 532 offers excellent value for money and is ideal for recreational cycle users who do not necessarily require the extra features of the ProRide 598 or Outride 561cycle carriers.

Thule Roof Rack Mounted Cycle Carrier Accessories

Cycle Carrier Accessories

We can offer a wide range of Thule bike accessories from lightboards, bike locks and lightboard pin adaptors to securing straps and bike frame adaptors.





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