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Thule WingBars

The latest innovation from Thule breaks new ground in the growing market for roof racks. Thule WingBar is inspired by airplane wings and sets a new standard for quietness and safety.

Thule WingBar has been developed by Thule’s design team and tested in Thule’s specially built Thule Aerolab in order to obtain the most efficient air and weight capacities possible. The result is a roof rack that is nearly noiseless and can be mounted on all cars. Thule Aerolab tests show a sound level 13 decibels lowers than the Thule AeroBar – which means that Thule WingBar only produces six percent of the predecessor’s sound energy and is thereby nearly noiseless. Thule WingBar is also good for the environment and your wallet, generating 55% less drag than previous models.

The roof rack has been crash tested and approved for a maximum load of 100 kg, as per ISO standards.

The Thule WingBar is compatible with Thule accessories with T-track mounting and Thule boxes with PowerClick mounting. Thule WingBar is equipped with the following:
WindDiffuser™ - textured rubber strip for maximum noise reduction
SmartSlide™ - easy rack measurement system
WingPlug™ - end piece that easily opens to attach accessories
Light-weight aluminum
Rack has a slightly curved design to fit the shape of the car roof
T-track for easy mounting of the rack and additional accessories

The new Thule WingBras will fit to all all existing Thule’s Foot Packs.
To order your WingBars or for more Information on Thule's WingBars please contact us here.
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