Watersports Carriers

Our range of watersport carriers allow you to transport many different kinds of canoe or kayak on your vehicle. These products are primarily designed for use with Thule roof racks but will fit most manufacturer's roof bars. Please contact us if you have a non-Thule rack and would like to check if any of the below accessories are compatible.

If you require Roof Rack Straps or Roof Bar Pads with the below carriers then please visit our Accessories Page.

Canoe & Kayak Carriers

Thule Hullavator 898XT a Drop Down Side Load Assist Perfect for Kayaks Avalaible From Norfolk Canoes

Thule Hullavator Pro 898 XT

Thule Hullavator 898XT is the easy way to load your kayaks onto a vehicle. The cradle supports 40lb of your kayaks' weight and gently lowers or lifts the boat with your assistance in a controlled way. If you are considering this product please note it only fits Thule Pro Bars please call us for more details 01603 747139.


Thule Hullavator Pro 898
£540.00 £486.00
Thule 835-1 Hull-A-Port

Thule 837 Hull-A-Port Pro

The Hull-A-Port Pro is an articulated version of Thule's 835-1. When not carrying a boat the upright portion of the carrier can be laid flat, meaning it is not necessary to completely remove the carrier when passing under height restrictions etc.


Thule 837 Hull-a-Port Pro
£175.00 £157.50
Thule 835-1 Hull-A-Port

Thule 835-1 Hull-A-Port

The Hull-A-Port from Thule allows boats to be cradled securely on their side, making it easier to load and beneficial for kayaks of more delicate construction.


Thule 835-1 Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier
£144.00 £129.60


Thule 579 Canoe Carrier

Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

This canoe carrier is an excellent way to secure your boat and eliminate any sideways movement when your canoe is strapped to the roof.


Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier
£103.00 £92.70
Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker

Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker

Thule's Kayak Stacker allows you to carry boats on their edge as opposed to flat. This is an excellent option for carrying multiple boats which would not necessarily sit side-by-side.


Thule 520-1 Kayak Stacker
£79.00 £71.10
Thule 874 Kayak Carrier

Thule 874 Boat/Kayak Carrier

The 874 Kayak Carrier is ideal for larger boats or kayaks made from more delicate materials, such as: GRP; carbon fibre or diolen.


Thule 874 Boat/Kayak Carrier (Set of Four)
£125.00 £85.00


Thule 873 HydroGlide Kayak Carrier

Thule 873 HydroGlide

The 873 HydroGlide makes rear loading of boats easier due to the two rear pads being covered in microfibre. This allows the boat to slip over them and onto the front rubber pads which securely grip the boat. Ideal for long or heavy boats.


Thule 873 HydroGlide/Kayak Carrier (Set of Four)
£145.00 £99.00

Thule 838 Quick Draw Strap

Thule 838 Quick Draw Securing Straps

These straps provide extra security for longer loads such as Canadian canoes and sea kayaks. Simply attach the 838 to your boat, attach the other end to the towing eye of your car, pull the cleat-secured cord and you're ready to go.


Thule 838 Quickdraw Canoe Securing Straps (Pair)
40cm Standard Upright Bars Perfect For Transporting More Than One Kayak Or Sit On Top Kayak

Standard 40cm Padded Upright Bars (Pair)

These standard 40cm padded upright bars are a simple cost effective way for transporting more than one kayak or sit on top. These 40cm padded uprights have a simple nut & bolt clamp system. Ideal for square bars.


40cm Padded Uprights (Pair)
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